Workplace Grace Participant's Guide: Becoming a Spiritual Influence at Work

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Bill Peel
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The people in your group spend hours every day in the most high-impact mission field in the world: their workplaces. A place where they are regularly in touch with people facing significant life questions. But to have an impact, they need a perspective that’s different from anything they’ve ever heard or read about evangelism. Real evangelism is a process. It’s organic—more like farming than selling.

In six thought-provoking and empowering sessions, Going Public with Your Faith

walks your group through a proven approach to evangelism that respects the unique relationships they have with their coworkers, clients, or customers. They will learn easy-to-implement ways to:
• Create curiosity about faith and stimulate spiritual interest
• Recognize spiritual hunger and open doors
• Cultivate common ground with non-Christians
• Tell their personal faith stories invitingly
• Practice “less is more” to share their faith in a nonthreatening way