Walk Thru the Book of Jonah A: Experiencing God's Relentless Grace (Walk Thru the Bible Discussion Guides)

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Take your small group on an eye-opening journey in the shoes of Jonah.

Jonah's first impulse after God handed him "Assignment Nineveh" was to run--not walk--in the opposite direction. It seemed to work--until a killer storm and a giant fish taught him that while you may be able to run from God, you can't hide.

This Walk Thru the Bible discussion guide will help each member of your group understand the relevance of Jonah's experience to our own time. You will pierce the heart of common moral, ethical, and social issues faced by both this iconic figure in the Bible and Christians today.

If you're serious about igniting life-changing discussions, this guide will help the members of your group to dig deeply, engage each other, and relate biblical teachings to their lives with amazing clarity.

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  • 1 Small Group Discussion Guide
  • 6 Week Study
  • 60 Pages