Faith Lessons on the Life and Ministry of the Messiah (Church Vol. 3) Participant's Guide

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Ray Vander Laan
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Faith Lessons on The Life and Ministry of the Messiah focus on the birth, life, and ministry of Jesus.

Summary of Sessions
In the Shadow of Herod (Herodion): Born in the shadow of Herod's greatest fortress and established in our hearts, the kingdom of Jesus will endure forever.

My Rock and My Fortress (Masada): The Jews under Roman rule searched for an effective response to Hellenistic influence; our defense against corruption must be God, our fortress.

The Time Had Fully Come (Qumran): Just as God had prepared the Jewish culture to receive Jesus' message, we need to present the Bible in a way that speaks to our culture.

No Greater Love (Korazin/Mount of Beatitudes): The imagery of first century Jewish marriage customs illustrates Jesus' great love for humanity. Today, he asks us to be his spiritual bride.

The Rabbi (Gamla): The Zealots longed for a political messiah, but Jesus came as a rabbi to influence His culture. To impact society today, we need to model His teachings.

Language of Culture (Sepphoris): In a Hellenistic cultural setting, Jesus sometimes used theatrical terms in communicating. We, too, must understand our society to be spiritually relevant.

Misguided Faith (Belvoir): Where the Crusaders sought to advance faith by the edge of the sword, Jesus taught a way of life?and so conquered the hearts of men.

Living Water (En Gedi): The water of a spring provided an oasis that sustained life. Similarly, Jesus referred to himself as "living water," our only refreshment from the heart of life.