Faith Lessons on the Early Church (Church Vol. 5) Participant's Guide

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Ray Vander Laan
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Faith Lessons on the Early Church transports you to locations in Israel and Turkey from which the early church, on fire with the message of Jesus, literally changed the world. By taking us into that immoral culture where the early Christians had such a dramatic impact, Ray Vander Laan reveals how Christians today can impact our culture for Christ.

Everything to Lose, Nothing to Gain (Caeserea Philippi): In the midst of pagan self-indulgence, Jesus challenged His disciples to deny themselves and follow Him. Christians today must also have the courage to boldly live out Christ's message in a pagan society.

The Salt of the Earth (Sardis): The apostle John used the example of Sardis, a city that overlooked its weak points and thereby enabled invading armies to conquer it, to warn Christians to be alert to their weakness so that they would not compromise their faith.

Where Satan Lives (Pergamum): At this regional seat of Rome, the governor had "the power of the sword" to determine life and death. John reminded Christians in this powerful, pagan city that Jesus alone--not the Roman governor--holds all power, including the power of life and death.

The Mark of the Beast (Ephesus): In this wealthy, beautiful center of idolatry, Paul unashamedly proclaimed the truth of the Gospel. Like Paul and the other Christians in Ephesus, we are to love one another and courageously live out the truth of Christ in a culture that is openly hostile toward Him.

Hot or Cold (Laodicea): Laodiceans had a unique understanding of why lukewarm water was worthless. Today, we are to be like a hot bath or a cold drink to a world in need of cleansing and refreshment.