Faith Lessons on the Death and Resurrection of the Messiah (Church Vol 4) Participant's Guide

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Ray Vander Laan
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Summary of Sessions

When Storms Come (Sea of Galilee): Just as Jesus stilled the storm, demonstrating His power over the natural world, so He also takes charge of our raging struggles.

Piercing the Darkness (Kursi): Kursi was believed to be the home of demons. There, in deliberate choice to aggressively confront evil, Jesus healed the demon-posessed man.

Gates of Hell (Caesarea Philippi): In the center of this pagan city, Jesus declared, "Upon this rock I will build my church," challenging believers to boldly wage war on evil.

City of the Great King?Part One (Jerusalem): When seen in the urban setting of Herod's first century Jerusalem, Jesus' actions and teachings come alive, sparking a deeper understanding of our faith's Jewish roots.

City of the Great King?Part Two (Jerusalem):

The Lamb of God (Mount of Olives): The significance of Passover celebrations and Passover Week events intertwine with Jesus' choice of time, place, and message.

The Weight of the World (Capernaum/Gethsemane): Manufacturing olive oil involves intense pressure. This process exposes a fresh perspective from which we can fully appreciate Jesus' sacrifice, which is our anointing.

Roll Away the Stone (Garden Tomb): Understanding the significance of Jesus' burial in a Jewish-style tomb and His resurrection during the Feast of First Fruits reveals the magnitude of His love and the new life He brings.

Power to the People (Southern Stairs): The day of Pentecost marks the day when God's presence left the temple structure to dwell in his followers?empowering us today, as then, to change the world.

Total Commitment (Caesarea): David built fame out of simplicity; Herod's palace fortresses were elaborate. But as with David, who lived for God, what matters most is not what we build, but for whom we build.