The Bible Jesus Read: Exploration of the Old Testament (8 Session)

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Philip Yancey
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The Old Testament is God's biography, the story of his compassionate encounters with people and also a prequel to the story of Jesus. This ZondervanGroupware™ Small Group Edition uses video and group discussion to explore the sometimes shocking and cryptic writings in an effort to know God better.

In The Bible Jesus Read, award-winning author Philip Yancey combined scholarship and insight to bring new light to old material and stimulate new thought and further study. This eight-session ZondervanGroupware™ uses video and group discussion to explore the sometimes shocking and cryptic writings of the Old Testament to help readers know God better. Yancey serves as guide and interpretive leader of each session and, in a series of in-depth interviews and explanations, he covers five crucial segments of the Old Testament: * Job * Deuteronomy * Psalms * Ecclesiastes * The Prophets.

Yancey approaches each of these major segments from a different point of view and adds additional interpretive material, extending the reach of his best-selling book. He teams with the Emmy Award-winning production team responsible for video production of the What’s So Amazing About Grace? ZondervanGroupware™.

The eight sessions include:
1. Is the Old Testament Worth the Effort?
2. Understanding the Old Testament
3. Job: Seeing in the Dark
4. Deuteronomy: A Taste of Bittersweet
5. Psalms: Spirituality in Every Key
6. Ecclesiastes: The End of Wisdom
7. The Prophets: God Talks Back
8. Advance Echoes of a Final Answer

The Bible Jesus Read DVD and Participant’s Guide are available separately.