Becoming Myself Womens Study: Embracing God's Dream of You (8 sessions)

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Stasi Eldredge
David C. Cook
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In Becoming Myself, Stasi Eldredge explores why the most important journey you can take is the journey into becoming your true self through the love of God. This eight-session companion guide invites you to participate more fully in the process of becoming who God created you to be.

Designed for individuals or groups, the Becoming Myself Study Guide explores topics such as

-Is it possible to change when I’ve been stuck for so long?
-How do I move beyond my fears?
-Can I thank God for my body when I don’t like it?
-What beauty can come through suffering?
-How does God really see me?
-Is there a way to speed up the process of God’s transformation of me?
-How has my mother shaped me?
-What are God’s dreams for me?
-How can I let go of negative thoughts about myself?
-What does it look like to become a woman of faith and worship?
-How much healing, freedom and transformation can I enjoy?

Each chapter in this guide helps you explore your own story with grace as you discover your truest self.