The Truth About Sex: What the World Won't Tell You and God Wants You to Know

The Truth About Sex: What the World Won't Tell You and God Wants You to Know
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Year: WaterBrook Press, 2005
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About this Bible Study:

What’s the Big Deal About Sex?

Birds do it. Bees do it. And when you turn on the television, log on to the Internet, or watch a movie, you can’t help but notice that everyone else seems to be doing it too. Our culture has embraced the message that sex is just a basic bodily function, as irresistible and harmless as satisfying your hunger and thirst. But is it? Or have we bought into a lie that is rapidly corroding our souls and our society?

When it comes to sexuality, you can’t ignore the Manufacturer’s directions and escape unharmed. That’s why everyone–teen or adult, single or married–needs to know The Truth About Sex.

This compelling, interactive study provides an antidote to the world’s subtle yet insidiously dangerous lies. You’ll learn…

  • why God created sex in the first place
  • what happens when you don’t follow His design
  • why virginity matters
  • what consequences follow sex outside of marriage
  • how to find healing if you’ve been harmed because you or someone else violated God’s instructions

With this knowledge comes the power to stand firm, resisting the pull of temptation. Whatever your past–whether you’ve remained sexually pure or endured the pain of misusing God’s precious gift–you’ll find your eyes opened and your life transformed as you discover for yourself The Truth About Sex.

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