ReGroup Participant's Guide: Training Groups to Be Groups

ReGroup Participant's Guide: Training Groups to Be Groups
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Year: Zondervan, 2007
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About this Bible Study:

In this revolutionary new curriculum, Henry Cloud, Bill Donahue, and John Townsend establish a whole new training paradigm—one that equips leaders and groups simultaneously and gives them everything they need to start and sustain a life-changing group. All it requires is a small group and a DVD player.

Four sixty-minute sessions train leaders and group members in the foundational values and practices of becoming a life-changing community. These sixty-minute sessions are the foundations of small groups that include teaching by the authors, creative segments, and activities and discussion time. • The group has the chance to review and learn new group life techniques during the year with Thirteen five-minute coaching segments on topics such as active listening, personal sharing, giving and receiving feedback, prayer, calling out the best in others, and more.

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